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12-Week Wellness Coaching Program

In this twelve-week Wellness Coaching program, Dr. Natasha Fallahi and team will help you heal and feel better! We will provide a personalized, anti-inflammatory meal plan, a mobile app to make shopping and cooking fun and one-on-one support in implementing dietary and lifestyle changes. Through 2 consultations with Dr. Natasha and 10 weekly check-in meetings with our team, you will get customized meals, fun activity sheets and non-judgmental conversations. You will have a safe place to ask questions and talk about victories and challenges. The 12-week curriculum includes topics such as: Inspirational Recipes, Grocery Shopping and Budget Tips, Social Eating and Restaurants, Movement, Fun, Rest, Stress Management. Our team will share some of the lessons they have learned in their own journey and offer small manageable changes to improve your health and well-being. Wellness coaching will empower you to take control of your life and health and feel your best!
Program includes a 1-year subscription to your own online & mobile meal planning app!

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