Hashimoto’s Awareness Webinar: 5 Things I Did to Heal

1. HIGH-QUALITY fish oils. Please don’t buy the discount ones from big box stores. This is my favorite brand. And my other favorite is a super-charged fish oil with the anti-inflammatory benefits of tumeric and glutathione!

2. Higher ratio of EPA for anti-inflammatory effects. Higher ratio of DHA for neuro-protective effects.

3. Two GREAT products I personally use daily and provide for my patients.
ProOmega is a professional grade fish oil with high-dose EPA & DHA.
ProOmega CRP provides even higher-dose EPA/DHA with the added anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric and Glutathione in the capsule (allowing for phenomenal absorption in Omega-3 oil.)

4. Generally, dosage is 2-5 grams a day until adequate levels are reached. (I was taking 10 grams a day for several months because my TESTED levels were so deficient.) My eyesight, mental clarity, skin and overall inflammation improved within weeks.

Yes! The AIP diet is not meant to be a lifelong solution. It’s a healing protocol, not a lifestyle. Currently, I am eating a personalized blend of foods somewhere in between AIP and Paleo, with occasional rice. I have successfully been able to reintroduce dark chocolate, some nuts/seeds, some nightshades, high-quality eggs and spices. Every person’s journey is different, but most people find that after they have committed to the AIP diet for a good amount of time and their gut has healed, they are able to reintroduce many foods without any adverse immune reactions. That being said, I would recommend staying away from gluten, dairy and soy permanently.

I also want to add that my gut healing didn’t occur strictly with food and diet changes. In addition, I included lab testing, supplementation, homeopathy and bodywork (weekly chiropractic adjustments and bimonthly massage). I’m confident these modalities allowed me to heal quickly and completely by addressing the gut-brain axis. These therapies have powerful impacts on physiology and neurology to assist in holistic gut healing.

Hands-down my favorite water filter. I love them so much I signed up to be an authorized distributor for my patients in Berkeley and the KANARI community online.

These water PURIFIERS remove 99.9% of all contaminants, including pathogens, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs, fluoride, chlorine and more! Feel free to get in touch if you have specific questions.
This video shows the Royal Berkeley size, but these amazing filters come in all sizes for individual and family/large group use. We have 4 Royal Berkeys (home, office, parents, cabin) and 1 Go Berkey Sport (for travel, camping and hikes).

Bonus! The portable Go Berkey Sport for travel, camping, hiking, athletics and individual use.

(Not pictured in the video, a lightweight portable water bottle with an attached filter that you can take ANYWHERE, including hikes and fill with creek water and drink completely purified water directly from the straw.)

I will post a more in-depth review (including the portable water bottle) in the near future when I have time to re-film this! 😉

Great question. I’m working on writing an answer right now! If you see this message, check back this week for an update!


Dr. Natasha Fallahi is recording a quick video to answer this question! If it’s not posted yet, check back next week and you will see it! 🙂

Check back soon! Dr. Fallahi and Alana are putting together a post about Traveling with Autoimmunity. What to pack, food and snacks, ordering at restaurants, lifestyle tips!

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