1. HIGH-QUALITY fish oils. Please don’t buy the discount ones from big box stores. This is my favorite brand. And my other favorite is a super-charged fish oil with the anti-inflammatory benefits of tumeric and glutathione!

2. Higher ratio of EPA for anti-inflammatory effects. Higher ratio of DHA for neuro-protective effects.

3. Two GREAT products I personally use daily and provide for my patients.
ProOmega is a professional grade fish oil with high-dose EPA & DHA.
ProOmega CRP provides even higher-dose EPA/DHA with the added anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric and Glutathione in the capsule (allowing for phenomenal absorption in Omega-3 oil.)

4. Generally, dosage is 2-5 grams a day until adequate levels are reached. (I was taking 10 grams a day for several months because my TESTED levels were so deficient.) My eyesight, mental clarity, skin and overall inflammation improved within weeks.