When I was a kid, I was always so embarrassed when my dad would spend our weekends washing Persian rugs in the driveway. WHY CANT MY PARENTS JUST BE NORMAL?! Teenage me would gripe. Nowadays, I’m super grateful my parents aren’t “normal”. When most people their age are using walkers or chilling in retirement homes, my parents are still partying on weeknights, starting new projects, hopping on airplanes and making things happen. Their can-do immigrant attitude isn’t very normal…thank goodness for that!

This weekend, my parents saved me a ton of money by hand-washing this handmade rug (which they gave me…) that I had locked in storage because my dog peed on it years ago.
*Side note, dog pee is apparently a perfect organic deterrent to moths and mice.

As an adult, I’m so grateful I grew up with these gorgeous works of art all over our house. I think most people haven’t experienced the joy of real handmade rugs. It wasn’t until I moved out and had to find my own apartment and furniture that I realized how most homes are filled with SYNTHETIC and TOXIC carpets, flooring and machine made fake rugs. Every rug we ever owned was made of 100% wool or silk and all natural vegetable dyes. My parents always maintained this high standard of products in their small business retail store. These actions of theirs taught me about quality and integrity. And inadvertently kept our home toxin-free. After experiencing Persian rugs, I’m sure you too would become a rug addict.

Anyone want a real rug? Lemme know! My parents got you covered!